photoFor those of you who live here in upstate NY, we’re quite sure that this spring season is as long anticipated and eagerly awaited for you as it is for us. With the 25” piles of snow, the sink holes, unsafe conditions, and general community malaise/hostility, it’s safe to ask (yell) WHERE THE HELL IS SPRING?! Though we can’t offer you warm weather, help with your electric bills or prescription pills to ease your probable Seasonal Affective Disorder—we can offer you something pretty good…HOPE! That’s right! Roses have finally begun to arrive, and we all know what that means…springtime is just a few minutes away! (Don’t quote me on that). Even if you’re cold on the outside, it’s time to get warmed up on the inside, and you had better think about doing it sooner than later as we are quite limited in the amount of certain lovely pink 2013 wines. We will be getting plenty more roses in as the season progresses, but we generally only receive 5 cases or so of each rose a year and they are at high demand!  Here’s what we’ve got going on so far…


Domaine De Fenouillet Cotes Du Ventoux Rose’ 2013

This lovely little Rhone Valley rose has been naturally produced from organically farmed grapes and aged on the lees for 4-6 months before bottling. Only 6,000 cases are sent to the US and we will only be getting the 5 we have now! This vineyard only makes so much of this high demand wine, so hurry up!

50% cinsault, 40% grenache, 10 % syrah

Pale pink with apricot/orange highlights. Beautiful appearance. Light in body with delicate fruit and mineral flavors. Nice and refined. Deliciously smooth. Only 13$!

Arnot-Roberts Rose 2013

Organic rose’ from Sonoma county in California. Native yeast fermentation is used , 24 hour skin contact (gorgeous color), aged in stainless steel vats. There are only 1,000 cases of this rose made per annum, and we only get ONE OF THEM. Only twelve lucky people get to try this; hopefully it’s you!

 80% Touriga Nacional, 20% Tinta Cao

^^ both are portuguese  grapes^^

Deep pink, salmon color. The flavors are elegant with bright fruit and fresh acidity. Lovely melon flavors. Bone dry. Completely worth 28$!

First Friday, It’s Kind of a Big Deal…

I think it was May or June when Diane Dwyer of the new Imogen Holloway Gallery on Partition Street opened her space and decided to time her monthly art openings with our First Friday cocktail tastings. It was then that things started to change, as last month was a really big deal in the Village of Saugerties! Dozens of businesses joined forces to keep the village going ’til 9pm (or later for some) with openings, sales, tastings, live music, giveaways, a fashion show (at DIG, of course), and other things I can’t recall right now. It was senSAtional and turned out to be, for us, the best Friday to date (and we’ve had some fab Fridays!).

Realizing the success of last month’s event, August’s First Friday – 8/3 – looks to be shaping up to be even better. Here’s some of the great stuff happening that evening:

Saugerties First Friday Events



I never understood balance in a cocktail until Josh Rosenmeier made me a couple at Stockade Tavern, a classic American bar in Uptown Kingston. These people are geniuses, and Josh blew my mind with the sherry-based Flor de Jerez cocktail; it was exactly what I would have ordered had I known what it was! Amontillado sherry, Jamaican rum, apricot liquor, lemon juice, simple syrup, and bitters. Perfection! If that wasn’t amazing enough, he then made me a Barnum Cocktail; it was a touch sweeter and gin-based (with apricot brandy. lemon juice, bitters), but the progression from the Flor de Jerez was brilliant. Stockage Tavern is heavenly and gets 1000 stars in my book. Do not miss it.

A Single Year

There’s so much significance to a single year–another birthday, a great vintage, a considerable amount of time, a young child’s entire lifetime, or a quarter of it or… a single point of reference. This is for me–for all of us–the one year anniversary of the loss of our first store.

It was weather similar to today, wet and warm with a breeze. The fire sirens were so constant–alarming–at 730 in the morning; I sat straight up in bed. And then the phone started ringing. As I ran out to get my phone from the car, I smelled the smoke… from 5 blocks away. I had to stay home because Isaac was asleep, and we thought it better to let Jordan go and assess. 10 minutes later I knew it was all gone. Then I didn’t want to go at all… like watching a loved one die. The smell was gruesome. To be honest, I went into that store only once after the fire; sometimes ignorance is preferable.

Three months after the fire we were open in a new and better location. The generosity of so many astounds us, and we remain humble and grateful. There were a couple of folks whose kindness made it possible for us to reopen quickly and dozens and dozens of others whose kindness saw us through the months we were closed. We thank you all so so much. The good news is our business is up over 10% and continues to grow. The Village is busier than ever and there is no question that Saugerties is flourishing despite all the craziness in the world right now. Amazing.


Our storefront, yellow with flowers in the windowboxes.This is my first post on what will hopefully become our permanent site.  It’s been nearly a year since the fire that devastated our sweet little shop, and I’m finally getting to updating. This site represents our new wine shop at 102 Partition Street. I owe hometown shop owner Ashley Drewes of Sugartown Vintage Boutique( a debt of gratitude for creating a site and sending me the link, which was the impetus I needed to get this project started. However, in normal control-freak fashion, I needed to do it all by myself and have spent the last day learning the basics of  WordPress; it’s hard to get ANY easier than this interface, really. I will continue to work on this site, change the theme (often probably), add e-commerce, etc., but for now the basic info is here.  THANK YOU, ASHLEY.

We (I speak for Jordan and Isaac too) continue to be astonished by the generous support we receive from the fantastic Saugerties business community and our amazing customers. We could not have rebuilt without all of you and are eternally grateful. We love you, Saugerties.

See you soon,