We apologize for the brief hiatus, but we are back in action again and have some fun updates. NEW/RETURNING WINES Have you been checking in with us about products you havn’t seen for a while? If you can’t always make it in or make the time to call to us, you can always check here! Here’s a list of wines… Read more →

First Friday February 2015

February is upon us! We will be celebrating the best way we know how, an absinthe tasting! We welcome back Brendan Edwards and his exquisite array of fresh ingredients and homemade concoctions to blend with Butterfly and La Clandestine absinthes. With the Butterfly Absinthe being from Boston, MA and La Clandestine from Switzerland, you can truly compare the two largest… Read more →


SUNDAY SCHOOL at PARTITION STREET WINE SHOP Our next SUNDAY SCHOOL home bartending class is coming up on JUNE 29. Brendan Edwards will teach us all about making fresh fruit sangrias and “simple” fruit and savory syrups for cocktails. Please make sure to check out the Saugerties Farmer’s Market for your fresh ingredients for all your summer cocktails. PEACHES ARE COMING. saugertiesfarmersmarket.com Please call the shop to register… Read more →


For those of you who live here in upstate NY, we’re quite sure that this spring season is as long anticipated and eagerly awaited for you as it is for us. With the 25” piles of snow, the sink holes, unsafe conditions, and general community malaise/hostility, it’s safe to ask (yell) WHERE THE HELL IS SPRING?! Though we can’t offer… Read more →