December First Friday and Holiday in the Village!

Please join us for
December 2
Sunday, December 4

Please join us and other participating Village businesses for some weekend fun to get you in the holiday mood. The Village is always so beautiful in December–holiday windows, tons of lights, and festive good moods. This First Friday is our last of 2016, and on Sunday, special events and sales await you as you stroll Partition, Main, and Market Streets. See new shops and old friends, sample treats, get a hop on holiday gift-buying, and enjoy a fantastic meal at any of our eateries. This weekend is always a major event in Saugerties; we hope to see you there!

Join us to sample an array of our favorite amaro–liquors made from herbs, roots, barks, flowers, and often citrus, steeped in neutral alcohol, blended with sweetener, and aged. Amaro is traditionally drunk neat–post-meal–to aid in digestion, and has taken on a newer role as a cocktail component. These digestifs can be medicinal, intense, complex, and beautiful–and unlike anything else you’ve ever tasted. You already know some–Fernet Branca and Jaegermeister are big commercial brands with huge marketing budgets; we like the stuff that’s more challenging and less processed. Also, don’t miss Kaia’s (dairy-free) Amaro Hot Chocolate; there will be plenty of warm cocoa for the kiddos too! Here’s what we’ll be pouring:

Made from cardoon and blessed thistle (both in the artichoke family) this blend is aged in oak, giving it richness and a smooth mouth-feel. It offers the weight of sweet vermouth with an added herbal quality and gentle bitterness. This is perfect amaro to add to cocoa for a winter treat.

Bigallet China-China Amer
A chestnut brown, deep and dark Amer (French Amaro), its unique and intense flavor is derived from a combination of sweet and bitter oranges that are put through a three stage maceration and distillation process, along with anise, gentian, cinchona, clove, and spices. The result is a vibrant orange bouquet, earthy vegetal notes, and subtle spice with hints of herbs and mint.

Montenegro Amaro
The Montenegro has been around since the late 1800s and is the the most well-known of our picks. It is made from a secret blend of herbs and spices and is exquisite in flavor and body–not too heavy, with a deep rosy, golden color, strong flavors, and aroma of bitter orange zest, deep citrus, tobacco, and a stunningly gorgeous amount of rose petals.

Village-wide: 12-6pm
Our events: 12:30-5pm

The Woodstock Community Band Brass will be here from 12:30 – 1:30 to blow the doors off with some fantastic holiday favorites! Then, from *1-4pm, Darren Davidowich will with us tasting his delicious Hetta Glogg. Darren makes Hetta across the Hudson in Rhinecliff, NY, from port wine mulled with a bouquet of citrus and spices. We’ll be be open until 8, so stop by “to warm” up even if you can’t make it in time to meet Darren.

Check-out the work of local painter, Scott Ackerman, a self-taught, incredibly prolific, graphically hilarious phenom! Scott has shown his provocative, “outsider folk” work all over the Hudson Valley and has been the featured artist of the Woodstock Film Festival. We very much look forward to having his work as guests in our shop.

See you tonight!

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