FRIDAY TASTING: Table Wine and Case Sale

Join us for our “TABLE” WINE & CASE SALE
6-9 pm
Come visit us TONIGHT to sample some of this week’s “Table” Selections. Our center table is our Sale section, featuring 12+ wines every week that are our weekly picks for everyday meals–$20 and under, often naturally, biodynamically or organically produced 💚 (as are most of our wines), and always delicious. These are the wines we buy in large quantities, get special pricing on, feature, love, etc.; whatever the reason may be, we have stocked up. We will be pouring a white, a rose’, and a red from our table and there’s only one way to find out which ones!
T A B L E  S A L E
assorted wines
3 bottles – 10% off
6 bottles – 15% off
12+ bottles – 20% off
12 bottles of one wine – *presale pricing without the wait
($1-5 off retail PLUS 20% off)

*”Presale pricing is simple: order a case of one wine, we will buy your case along with our next purchase so we get better pricing by buying a larger quantity and then share the lower cost with you. We both get better pricing–often this means $1-5 less per bottle! WIN WIN. I mean WINE WIN. Prices are variable and must be quoted individually.
This is an alcohol tasting. 21+ with valid ID only to taste.
Please consume alcohol responsibly.

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